ILC Guest Classes Start at Oshu City: 24 Elementary, Junior High Schools

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo. Read the original here.

Oshu City started this year’s ILC guest classes for elementary and junior high school students on May 27th at Mizusawa Minami Elementary School (Principal Ryo Sato, 600 students) in Mizusawa ward.

85 5th graders attended the class. Oshu city staff served as lecturers, with their talk including an introduction of the ILC’s research, which would investigate the mystery of the beginning of the universe.

The staff also explained that if the ILC gets built, scientists from all over the world would gather in the area and there could be more jobs relating to international residents. The children gave their opinions, including “I want to study science and become a scientist,” and “I want to become an English teacher.”

“I want to imagine a future where the ILC might be built and think of my own future dreams,” said Tanenori Kamijo, with bright eyes.

The classes will be held until January next year for the 13 elementary schools that signed up for the class and the city’s 11 junior high schools. The junior high school classes started in the 2014 fiscal year, and the scope was expanded to elementary schools in 2015. Ichinoseki City and the Southern Iwate Regional Development Bureau are also holding guest ILC classes.