ILC seminar to be held with a famous manga artist on March 27th in Morioka to generate enthusiasm in the project

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (March 23rd edition). Read the original here.

The Iwate ILC Promotion Council (Chair: Kunihisa Yamura, chair of the Federation of Iwate Chambers of Commerce) will hold a seminar along with the Iwate Prefectural Government on March 27th at the Morioka Grand Hotel entitled “ILC Seminar Following the Expression of Interest by the National Government.” Famous manga artist Kenshi Hirokane (creator of the series “Chairman Kosaku Shima”) will give a talk at the seminar, with hopes of generating further interest in the ILC among the people of Iwate.

The event will start at 3pm. There will be three speakers including Mr. Hirokane, who has recently been promoting the ILC within his manga “Chairman Kosaku Shima.” Also speaking will be Prof. Sachio Komamiya of Waseda University, and Chair Yasuhiro Okada of Japan’s High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK).

Mr. Hirokane “Kosaku Shima – Creating manga using on-site reports”
Mr. Komamiya “The future of the ILC following the ICFA meeting”
Mr. Okada “What role KEK will serve at the ILC”

Ayumi Ueno, director of ILC Promotion at the Iwate government, said, “The Ministry of Science (MEXT) has expressed interest in the ILC, and we in the candidate site area have great expectations for the future. I hope that deliberations continue into the future in order to realize the ILC.”