India and Japan to Strengthen Accelerator Research Relationship: KEK and Banaras Hindu University

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo. Read the original here.

KEK  (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture) and Banaras Hindu University in India are moving forward with a plan to enhance joint elementary particle experiment and accelerator-related research.  The two plan to sign a memorandum on joint research within the year.  KEK has previously signed agreement with multiple universities and research institutions in India, and aims to develop these agreements and build a cooperative organization. This effort to internationally strengthen science and technology cooperation on the researcher level is receiving attention as a possible boost for building the International Linear Collider in Tohoku.

Banaras Hindu University is located in Varanasi, northern India, Prime Minister Modi’s electoral district. It is a major university covering a wide range of fields including science, social science, medicine, law, agriculture, commerce and art. According to sources as KEK, India proposed this university for joint research.

For the joint research, a center will be opened in Banaras Hindu University, and researchers will form plans for creating and testing accelerators and for education with the help of KEK.

KEK has agreements on joint research with multiple other universities and research institutions in India, but the main method was Indian students and researchers coming to KEK and conducting joint research. This time, invigoration of accelerator research within India can be expected through forming a place for joint research within the country.

This effort between KEK and Banaras Hindu University has furthermore been taken as an opportunity to create a cooperative organization between the universities and research institutions of both countries that will consider plans to strengthen collaboration on accelerators through human resources development, joint research, and more.