Investigating the universe and the future: Traveling ILC classes

The original article was published in the Morioka Times.

A series of traveling ILC classes started on October 17th in order to raise interest in science and the International Linear Collider, which may be built in the Kitakami mountains. This project is a continuing project from Iwate Prefecture’s Morioka Regional Development Bureau, and they plan on visiting 5 middle schools in the Morioka area by November 29th. The first class was held at Morioka City’s Iioka Middle School (Principal Toshihiro Kikuchi, 210 students), for 68 2nd year students.

The lecturers were Kimio Onodera and Shigeo Nakahigashi of the Ihatov Space Adventure Center (Director Masatsugu Oe). They talked about the mechanisms of ILC project and its research, as well as how we can use experiments at the ILC to view what happened when the universe was formed.

Mr. Nakahigashi said, “If the ILC is realized, it will spawn a number of related careers in research, public works, machinery, transportation, healthcare, education, agriculture, forestry, tourism, leisure, interpreting, and translating. There will be a way for everyone to get involved.” The students talked about their impression of the event: “The ILC is actually more related to our daily lives that we thought.” “It’s cool that they’re doing something the whole world is focused on.” “Even if I don’t directly work with the ILC, I’d like a job that somewhat relates to it.”

Takenobu Yamashita (13) said, “I thought the ILC was cool. I’d love to visit if it’s created.” Mei Nakamura (14) also gave her thoughts. “I learned that the ILC is not only for Japan, but necessary for the entire world.”