Iwate Industrial Research Institute holds its annual Open Day – Children witness the power of science through hands-on experiments

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (October 9th edition).

The Iwate Industrial Research Institute in Kita-Iioka, Morioka City, held its annual Open Day for the general public on October 7th. There, families learned more about the joy of science and technology through hands-on experiences and displays of devices and machines.

The IIRI explained its function in Iwate and its advanced technology through the themes of “make,” “see,” and “experience.” At the electronic circuit experience corner, children learned the basics from a member of the IIRI staff, and then made little coin banks with LEDs that lit up when they inserted in a coin.

Honoka Kishi and her brothers Osuke and Toma talked about their interest in science: “I liked making the coin bank. It was pretty when it lit up.” “I want to make something bigger like a robot.”

There was also a booth where you could make wooden items using a laser cutter/embosser, a shooting gallery that used liquid nitrogen, a picture-story show for the ILC, and more for attendees to enjoy.