Knowledge Hub for Regional Revitalization: Iwate Pref. University President’s ILC Lecture in Ofunato

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo. Read the original here.

A lecture by Iwate Prefectural University president Atsuto Suzuki about the International Linear Collider was held at a hotel in Ofunato City on March 29th. President Suzuki stated that the formation of the international “knowledge hub,” which could become the symbol of true recovery for Tohoku and Japan, would lead to regional revitalization.

Approximately 130 city residents and others listened to the lecture, hosted by the Ofunato Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Suzuki explained the importance of making an international residential area where international researchers and local residents could live together in the same area, stressing that “It is important to aim towards planning cities that are nice places to live with various cultures coexisting.”

He also mentioned economic benefits and bringing more visitors to the region based on the 100,000 visitors coming to CERN in Switzerland every year, emphasizing that “Bringing the ILC will transform regional cities into global cities, and lead to an invigorated economy.”