Local Children’s Freely Painted Ideas (ILC Billboards at Isawa Junior High School Construction Site)

The original article was published in the Tanko Nichinichi. Read the original here.

On May 6th, billboards about the realization of the International Linear Collider were installs were installed on the fence of the Isawa Junior High School construction site in Isawa ward, Oshu City. The billboards were suggested by the Federation of Oshu City Councilors to Invite the ILC (Chairman Tadashi Watanabe, composed of all 27 city councilors). Students from the three junior high schools in the area and children from Isawa Nursery School freely painted their ideas of local society and research conducted after the ILC is realized.

The federation of city councilors is making various efforts to realize the ILC: the Kitakami mountain area, which is in the eastern side of Esashi ward, is the leading candidate site for the ILC. The federation proposed installing these ILC billboards with childrens’ drawings to raise awareness of the ILC among city residents all ages and to build excitement for hosting the ILC.

The federation started discussing this project since last year with Oshu’s ILC Promotion Division and board of education, and decided to make use of the fence installed on the western side of the Isawa Junior High School construction site, asking students from Oyama, Nasuta and Wakayanagi Junior High Schools to paint the designs.

Originally, the plan was to have students directly paint on the fence, which is painted white, but after receiving advice from worker, the plan changed to having students paint their designs on paper, scan the designs and make them into billboards. The design from Wakayanagi Junior High School has the message, “feeling close to the ILC,” along with showing positive effects from the ILC including “education,” “environment,” “medical care” and “cultural education.” The children from Isawa Nursery School painted ILC research investigating the mysteries of the universe and the accelerator installed in its underground tunnel.

“We want to add pictures from elementary schools, other nursery schools and kindergartens in this area. Some of my fellow city councilors are also suggesting doing this in other areas.” said chairman of the federation Mr. Tadashi Watanabe. “Besides these picture billboards, we are also thinking about setting up signs throughout the city for the National Sports Festival and National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities in October. We want to use this as a foothold to make efforts building momentum for the ILC throughout the city.”

Besides activities to foster momentum for the ILC, the federation also makes requests to diet members who are involved and plans study sessions with experts on city planning. On May 16th, the Oshu federation plans to meet with Chairman Takeo Kawamura of the Federation of Diet Members to Promote the Construction of the ILC and convey Oshu’s enthusiasm.