Local companies search for ways to get involved in accelerator industry – Technology seminar for solving issues

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (July 21st edition). Read the original here.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering at Iwate University and the Iwate Accelerator-related Industry Research Group jointly held a seminar on the ILC at the university campus in Ueda, Morioka City on July 19th. There, they searched for ways for local companies to get involved with the accelerator industry.

There were around 110 businesspeople and students in attendance. Three professors from KEK (Japan’s High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, Tsukuba City), involved with developing technology needed to build the ILC, gave lectures on challenges with advanced accelerator technology.

Professor Hitoshi Hayano, who is also a visiting professor at Iwate Prefectural University, talked about research on internal inspection cameras and automatic defect recognition software that would be needed to produce the large amount of core parts and superconductive cavities for the ILC.

These experimental devices must be as efficient as possible. In order to do that, not only must we avoid even small defects, but “we still have not found a satisfactory way to autofocus cameras or recognize defects. Please lend us your knowledge,” said Prof. Hayano. He called on local businesses to proactively get involved.