Middle school students of the ILC Club head to Switzerland

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (July 31st edition). Read the original here.

The four middle school students in the ILC Club (part of Iwate Nippo’s Japan ILC 2030 project) left on July 30th for their study trip to Switzerland. Lasting until August 4th, they will visit places like CERN in Geneva and get to see world-class science and technology up close.

There was a going-away ceremony held at Morioka Station in Morioka City, where Managing Director of Iwate Nippo, Hiroyuki Kawai, cheered them on: “I hope you have a ton of fun.” The students will leave from Narita Airport and arrive in Heathrow, London, where they will transfer to a flight to Geneva International Airport. They will arrive on the night of the 30th.

This year’s members are Sakura Sugawara (3rd year at Daito MS in Ichinoseki City), Yu Osakashita (3rd year at Higashi Mizusawa MS in Oshu City), Manato Sato (2nd year at Tsuchibuchi MS in Morioka City), and Wakana Hiramatsu (2nd year at Kamaishi MS in Kamaishi City). Mr. Osakashita vowed, “I hope we can get friendly with the people of Geneva and CERN.”

The Japan ILC 2030 Project is organized by the Iwate Nippo, and supported by the Bank of Iwate, Kita Nippon Bank, Tohoku Bank, and Tohoku Electric Power. It was started last year to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Iwate Nippo.