Multilingual Menus for Restaurants: Business in Esashi, Oshu Develops App

The original article was published in the Tanko Nichinichi. Read the original here.

Shogic, a company in Esashi ward, Oshu (President Shoji Takashi) has developed a multilingual guidance app. Through simple operation on smartphones and tablets, the application can display restaurant menus and provide travel guidance, so it can be used as a supplement for serving international customers. Currently, the app is being used at a restaurant inside the Chuson-ji temple grounds in Hiraizumi, which receives many international customers because the area is registered as a World Heritage Site. The app is reportedly receiving good reviews from both the restaurant’s staff and customers.  “I want to contribute to this area’s international development,” said company president Shoji Takahashi.

As serving visitors from various countries becomes more necessary with an increase in inbound tourists, the company developed this application especially to reduce the burden on customer service staff. At café and restaurant Chuson-ji Temple Kanzan-tei in Hiraizumi, which is the first to use this application, the application displays necessary information for using the restaurant such as the menu, allergies, and how to order in English, Chinese and Korean.

The app can be used through easy operation on smartphones, tablets and computers. Because an original version of the application is created according to the needs of each business, the number of languages, design and more can be freely customized. Updating information can also be handled rapidly, with the application being altered and then redownloaded.

As cruise ship ports on the coast increase and Oshu City proceeds in earnest with its inbound strategies targeting Taiwanese tourists, the demand for backing up customer service for international tourists is increasing. “I’d like to use our technologies to contribute to this area’s international development, keeping in mind the ILC’s realization, ” said company president Shoji Takahashi

In the future, the company will work to add videos and voice announcement capabilities.