Poster Full of Iwate Flavor (Poster for LCWS 2016 to be held in Morioka)

The original article was published in the Tanko Nichinichi. Read the original here.

The poster has been completed for the international ILC conference “LCWS 2016” to be held in Morioka City this year in December. The design focuses on an Iwate theme, including Mount Iwate and the Kenji Miyazawa children’s story “Night on the Galactic Railroad,” and the poster has already been shown to researchers inside and outside Japan.

LCWS is an international conference where particle physics researchers from all over the world gather to discuss particle physics experiments using linear colliders including the International Linear Collider. It’s held in a different country every year, and it has been three years since the last time it was held in Japan at Tokyo University in 2013. Holding LCWS in Morioka City, which is close to the Kitakami mountains ILC candidate site, is seen a perfect chance for those involved in attracting the ILC to show local enthusiasm.

According to Iwate University Faculty of Science and Engineering Professor Shinya Narita, who is serving as the head of the local exectuive committee for the conference, the poster was designed by an Iwate University employee.

Above Mount Iwate bathed in red light reminiscent of Hokusai’s “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji” sails a cryomodule made to resemble the Galactic Railroad. The snowflakes falling from the beams extending from the cryomodule represent the experimental collisions between electrons and positrons for the ILC.  Because LCWS will be held in December, the design emphasizes Tohoku’s severe but beautiful winter and Iwate’s nature with its snowflakes and swans.

The researchers participating at the European Linear Collider Workship in Santander, Spain from this May 30th to June 5th were told about LCWS 2016 and the poster was also shown.

LCWS 2016 will be held for five days starting on December 5th in venues including Aiina just west of Morioka station.