Professor Satoru Yamashita of ICEPP gives a talk on the importance of advanced science at Ichinoseki’s National Institute of Technology

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (October 5th edition). Read the original here.

On October 3rd, a special lecture on advanced science was held at the Ichinoseki College of the National Institute of Technology. There, Prof. Satoru Yamashita (specially-appointed professor at the International Center for Elementary Particle Physics of the University of Tokyo) talked about the ILC and particle physics to an audience of around 150 students.

The ILC will be used to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Prof. Yamashita stressed the ILC will be “on the leading frontier of research, with great potential for uncovering the most basic mechanisms of the natural world.” He talked about the work of Einstein and other great scientists who studied the universe and physics, and also talked about the significance of the ILC project.

In order to lead the world in science and research, he advised the students: “You can’t be satisfied with just looking up things online. You have to build a habit of thinking and mulling over things yourself. You also need English skills and to be good at both science and the humanities.”