Science Council of Japan ILC Committee – Chair Iye hopes to end their discussions within the year

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (October 2nd edition). Read the original here.

The Science Council of Japan has established both a committee to reevaluate the revised ILC plan (Chair Yasuhiro Iye, Director of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)), and they met for their 6th meeting on October 1st in Tokyo. There, they discussed the importance of research into the Higgs particle as well as possible international structures for cooperation. After the meeting, Chair Iye said, “Personally, my hope is to put together our report before the end of the year.”

Six members were in attendance. Tokyo University’s Professor Yoji Asai and KEK Director-General Masanori Yamauchi were in attendance to explain the details of the ILC project.

Prof. Asai explained, “Particle physics from Japan and the rest of the world have gotten consensus on the project, and are expecting the project to be pushed forth quickly.” His prediction: “If Japan cannot host the project, then precision measurement of the Higgs particle and other such experiments would go to CERN or another facility.”

Members asked about how Chinese researchers were responding to the project, and about its economic effects. Director-general Yamauchi said, “If Japan decides to host the ILC, then Chinese researchers are willing to support it.” Regarding economic effects, he said, “If the ILC is built along with a new university, then it’s possible that a new, large city could spring up in the area around the ILC. But the ILC alone has its limits.”

The Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council (chair: Kunihisa Yamura) also handed out materials on what Iwate companies were doing to get involved with the accelerator industry.

After the meeting, Chair Iye said, “I’d like to start putting together our report as our members’ opinions start forming a consensus. Personally, my hope is to put together our report before the end of the year, but that all depends on how discussions go.”

The committee’s next meeting is October 10th.