Seinan Middle School students in Hanamaki City learn about the mechanisms of the universe and the ILC

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (August 8th edition). Read the original here.

On August 7th, 53 second-year students at Seinan MS in Todoroki, Hanamaki City learned about the ILC from a seminar held at their school.

The seminar was held by Iwate Prefecture’s Southern Regional Development Bureau. Taku Takanashi and Shigeo Nakahigashi, science school leaders from the NPO Ihatov Space & Astronomy Center (in Mizusawa, Oshu City), led the seminar, where they talked about the mechanisms of the universe and what the ILC would research. They emphasized that this research was necessary to uncover the secrets of the origins of the universe.

The students were quite interested to hear how the research would help to develop healthcare and information technology, and how the ILC would dramatically change Iwate.

One student, Hitoshi Segawa, was very hopeful. “I learned that there will be a lot of work to be done if the ILC comes to Iwate. If it does, then I too want to work in Iwate.”