Sendai Statement adopted at the close of LCWS 2019

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (November 2nd edition). Read the original here.

(Reporting by the Sendai Bureau)

The Linear Collider Workshop 2019 held its closing ceremony at the Sendai International Center on November 1st, marking the end of its 5 day span. There, they put together the discussions that were had on technological improvement for the ILC, hoped to be built in the Kitakami mountains of Iwate Prefecture. As a consensus among scientists across the world, they released the Sendai Statement, which called for the ILC to be constructed as an global project in Japan.

They stated that
▽they reaffirm the importance of building the ILC
▽the ILC design is mature and ready for construction
▽they had strong support from the local community
▽they are committed to making the ILC a success,
and made clear their “commitment to engage in the construction and scientific exploitation of the ILC as a global project.”

Around 430 people from 23 countries participated in the LCWS. The results of their meetings and discussions on ILC-related technology, etc, were released on the final day.

A presentation was given by American scientists on the discussion groups being held by the Japanese government with the US, France, and Germany. Melinda Pavek (Science, Innovation and Development Unit Chief of the US Embassy) stated that the US would continue to share information with Japan, and emphasized US support for the ILC.

Hon. Ryu Shionoya, secretary-general of the Federation of Diet Members for the ILC (Liberal Democratic member of the House of Representatives), talked about how important it would be to further reduce costs, and said, “I will work with my colleagues to aim to bring about the ILC.”

The Japanese national government is currently deliberating on the hosting the ILC. Prof. Hitoshi Yamamoto of Tohoku University Graduate School (chief of the LCWS Local Organizing Committee) stressed that, “Researchers from around the world have strong hopes for the ILC. We conveyed that to many people.”

The LCWS is organized by the Linear Collider Collaboration, the ground organization of the International Committee for Future Accelerators (an organization of chiefs of the world’s leading accelerator laboratories). After the ceremony, ICFA Chair Geoffrey Taylor gave a seminar, where he said, “Technical preparation for the ILC is over. Tohoku is welcoming the project. We are waiting on the decision by the Japanese government.”