Students at Okutama Elementary School study in preparation for the ILC

The original article was published in the Iwate Nichinichi. Read the original here.

Okutama Elementary School (Senmaya, Ichinoseki City) held a special lesson on internationalization on February 28th. Students heard a talk on the International Linear Collider, and learned the importance of international exchange.

The lesson was held as part of an ILC-related program. Amanda Wayama of the Iwate Prefecture Office of International Affairs, and Shu Sasaki of the Office of ILC Promotion taught their lesson to 41 students (5th and 6th years).

Ms. Wayama explained to the students that, should the ILC be realized, then a lot of foreign researchers would come to live in the area, and they would need to show them Japanese culture and etiquette in order to make the area more international. She also asked the students to be proactive in communicating with the researchers to close the gap between English and Japanese. “If you see a foreign person, I want you to get out there and say hello to them. Invite them to neighborhood meetings, disaster evacuation drills, and festivals, and teach them about Japan and Ichinoseki.”

Then they had fun playing bingo in English to help students learn how to recommend food to foreign people. Haruto Kikuchi (6th year student) said, “I want to work hard and study English so I can talk to foreign people when the ILC is realized.”