The ILC – a pillar of Ichinoseki’s town planning

The original article was published in the February 22nd edition of Iwate Nichinichi on their front page. Below is a translation of content related to the ILC.

The 2016 fiscal year (starting April 1 in Japan) marks the beginning of Ichinoseki’s next ten-year plan for the city. The preliminary budget has taken shape, and with an eye to the future, Mayor Osamu Katsube is making the ILC one of the two pillars of town planning (the other being concerned with the re-use of resources and energy.)

Mayor Katsube said: “the panel of experts commissioned by the ministry in charge of science in Japan will deliver their final report to the government by around the end of the 2017 fiscal year. The next few years leading up to the government’s decision are critical and will greatly affect the future of Ichinoseki.”

Ichinoseki will continue in 2016 its annual trips for junior high students to the High Energy Accelerator Research Association (KEK), its ‘Ichinoseki Science Cafes’ and other events. The new fiscal year will also see specialists from KEK, Tohoku University and Iwate University speak at all junior high schools in Ichinoseki, to have students learn more about the ILC and think about future town planning.