The Tohoku ILC Promotion Council meets for their 2017 General Meeting to draft resolution for a quick decision by the national government on the ILC

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (April 29th edition). Read the original here.

The Tohoku ILC Promotion Council held their General Meeting for the 2017 fiscal year on April 28 in Sendai City, and adopted a resolution that will call for the Japanese national government to make a quick decision on hosting the ILC. This year is an important year for the ILC as we are approaching the government’s decision, and with this meeting it was confirmed that Tohoku will work as one to accelerate its creation of a stance that will receive the ILC.

Joint chiefs Susumu Satomi (Tohoku University President) and Hiroaki Takahashi (Honorary Chairman of the Tohoku Economic Federation) joined Iwate Governor Takuya Tasso and other attendees from Tohoku industry, academia, and government (around 160 people in attendance). President Satomi said, “Initial investment was largely agreed upon at the LCWS (international conference) last year in December, and the situation is moving forward. We will actively call on the national government to realize the ILC.”

During a ceremonial expression of agreement from the Council’s top members, Governor Tasso said, “Iwate Prefecture will work to accomplish everything it must. We would like to do our best so that Japan and the world will make the decision to build the ILC.”

The resolution called for the Japanese national government to distribute information abroad about the initiatives taking place in Japan to bring about the ILC. It also asked for joint development between Japan and the US for superconductive accelerator technology that would be used in the ILC. It would also push for a quick decision to host the project in Japan. In May, the Council will submit a formal request to the government based on this resolution.

Along with accelerator-related activities, the Council plans to consider ways to develop the area with tourism, food culture, and other local industry development, as well as foster a multicultural society. By entering that in their plans, they can suggest a new model of development for regions outside of Tokyo.

Specially-appointed professor Satoru Yamashita of the International Center for Elementary Particle Physics for the University of Tokyo gave a lecture following the General Meeting. He talked about the cost reductions for the ILC which will be internationally approved in August. He also explained that by the summer of 2018, the debate will deepen on the European strategy for elementary particle physics.

“This is an important year. We must proceed with preparing community development plans that make use of currently existing infrastructure.”

The International Linear Collider, or ILC, will attempt to solve the mysteries of the origins of the universe. The Kitakami mountains that straddle Iwate and Miyagi prefectures are the world’s leading candidate site for the ILC, and the Japanese government shall make their decision on whether or not to host the project sometime from the end of 2017 to 2018.