Tohoku ILC Planning Office Director/IPU President Atsuto Suzuki gives a seminar in Ofunato on the ILC

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (July 13th edition). Read the original here.

A seminar was held in Ofunato City on July 12th at the Rias Hall in Sakari in order to increase enthusiasm for the ILC in the city. Participants learned about the role and significance of the ILC, as well as how it would positively affect the southern coastal region and its quest to rebuild from the 2011 tsunami.

Around 550 residents attended the talk given by Iwate Prefectural University president Atsuto Suzuki and Iwate Prefectural Government Senior Executive Director Hisashi Odaira. They presented on the basics of the ILC project as well as how it would develop industry.

President Suzuki talked about recent movements in the ILC effort, as well as how they could make a “green ILC” by using sustainable energy to power the accelerator.

He also talked about building an international community area for researchers (both foreign and Japanese) and construction workers, and said that many foreign researchers would prefer to live alongside the local Japanese community (as opposed to a walled-off, separate community). “We must use the resources we already have to the fullest.”

Director Odaira said that less foreigners visit the coastal area compared to other regions, and the ILC would be a great chance to showcase their specialty goods (from the sea of Sanriku) to the entire world.

In order to make the southern coastal region open and welcoming to the world, “I hope you can come up with suggestions on how to use the Ofunato port, and what kind of town you want to develop into in the future.”