Two American Nobel Prize winners to attend a symposium in Tokyo on August 5th to help spread understanding of the ILC

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo (June 14th edition). Read the original here.

On June 13th, Prof. Satoru Yamashita (Specially-appointed professor of the International Center for Elementary Particle Physics of the University of Tokyo) announced that Nobel Prize winners Dr. Barry Barish and Dr. Sheldon Glashow (both from the USA) would be attending a symposium in Tokyo in August. Both men have been very involved with bringing the ILC to Iwate. This year is the deadline for the Japanese government to make their intentions clear on whether or not they are interested in hosting the ILC, so right now is seen as the moment of truth for the project. Ahead of the symposium, efforts will be made to boost enthusiasm for the ILC, and broaden understanding amongst the people of Japan.

Dr. Barry Barish (left) and Dr. Sheldon Glashow (right) – Image source: Wikipedia

According to Prof. Yamashita, the symposium will be held at Ochanomizu University on August 5th in coordination with educational institutions and organizations involved with the ILC. The symposium will be a chance for famous scientists to give their messages of support for the ILC, as well as teach even more people about the project throughout the country. Japanese Nobel Prize winners are also planning to attend.

Dr. Barish won the Nobel Prize for his research of gravitational waves, and has also worked as the head of the ILC global design effort. He even visited the ILC candidate site in the Kitakami mountains of Iwate Prefecture. Dr. Glashow won the Nobel Prize in 1979 for his work in particle physics. He is seen as a driving force behind the particle physics of today, and is very much in support of the ILC.

Prof. Yamashita said that getting the understanding of the people of Japan for the ILC was the most pressing issue in realizing the ILC. “We will raise enthusiasm for the project as we prepare for the symposium, which I hope will be another step to getting the Japanese government to voice their decision.”

Before the seminar, the Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council (Chair: Kunihisa Yamura, also head of the Federation of Iwate Chambers of Commerce) held a meeting for its chief officers. Chief Yamura is planned to attend the July visit to the USA by the Federation of Diet Members for the ILC. At the meeting, he talked about the local area’s passion for the project as well as how far the area has come in preparing to receive the ILC. He also showed the plans for this year to help support international negotiations for the ILC.

“This year really is the moment of truth for the effort to bring about the ILC. I will work my hardest with everyone.” He approved 4 proposals including a petition to the national government for the realization of the ILC as soon as possible.

Mr. Yamura was selected as chair again at their officer election, along with 5 other vice-chairs. Their terms are 2 years.