Using the ILC to create an international city – The Establishment Committee for Oshu City’s Community Development Vision

The original article was published in the Iwate Nippo. Read the original here.

The Establishment Committee for Oshu City’s ILC Community Development Vision, (Chairperson: Tomio Kikegawa, Representative Secretary for the Iwate ILC Accelerator Science Promotion Council) has put together a proposal for their vision which outlines the future of Oshu City using the ILC. On April 22, it was handed to Mayor Masaki Osawa. The vision incorporates industrial promotion, support for foreign researchers and their families for life in the area, and policies for training internationally-minded workers. This will link the great potential of the ILC to the development of Oshu.

A meeting of the council was convened at the City Hall, with 7 out of 13 members in attendance. Before handing the proposal to Mayor Osawa, Chairperson Kikegawa mentioned, “[The ILC] will be a way for the people of Oshu to pursue their dreams, and I’d like to make it a large pillar of the city.”

The vision proposal had the following three items, and indicated action guidelines for the city and related organizations:
・Community development that creates a future from within Oshu
・Community development that shines with connections that reach across time and space
・Community development that is in harmony with our abundant natural setting and culture