Iwate ILC Promotion Council

Science Hello Kitty – in Iwate!

The popular character has teamed up with the ILC

Science Hello Kitty goods on display

Science Hello Kitty goods on display

The Science Hello Kitty Project – (part of the effort to bring the ILC in Japan)

The Advanced Accelerator Association Promoting Science and Technology (AAA) has been developing many activities to promote the ILC and its construction to more people in Japan. One of those projects is the “Science Hello Kitty project.”

The concepts of fundamental particle physics can be a bit difficult to grasp, so the AAA has teamed up with beloved character Hello Kitty to increase interest in the subject! They plan to release various science-themed Hello Kitty products throughout Japan and the rest of the world.

The Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council is supporting this project by having these goods available for purchase within Iwate Prefecture. Scroll further to learn more about what’s available and where you can get it. 

Science Hello Kitty Products

*All prices before consumption tax.
1.Clear file folders in yellow or blue (350 yen)


2. Acrylic keychain (600 yen)


3. Ballpoint pen (650 yen)


4. T-shirt in small or medium (3,000 yen)


Where to buy

〇 Tosando Bookstores in Morioka City or Kitakami City

〇 Pastel stationery store in Morioka City (within Nanak department store at the Sakanacho shopping area)

〇 Visit their shop online (sorry, the shop is in Japanese only!)

〇 Also sold at the Fujisaki Department Store in Sendai City

〇 A display of the goods is being held at the Sendai International Center until December 19, 2016

Products will be sold starting…

August 15, 2016 (September 1st for the ballpoint pen only)