The Panel of Experts on the International Linear Collider, set up by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to discuss the viability of the revised 250 GeV plan for the collider, held their final meeting on July 4th. The results are in: the Panel recognizes that the ILC is a scientifically valuable project that will be able to precisely study the Higgs boson particle. They also stated that Japan has been progressing towards hosting international discussions on the project.

Now discussions will move one level higher, to the Science Council of Japan. Things are moving steadily at the national level towards a decision on the ILC.

As the plan for the ILC was revised to a smaller energy level in November of 2017, the panel had to reconvene to discuss the changes. Thus far, the Panel has discussed the scientific value of the ILC, as well as the costs involved with its construction and operation, and the status of international cooperation on the project. As the cost burdens will be highest on the host country, the Panel states that member countries must work to share costs realistically into the long-term. They also believe that the people of Japan will need to understand and support the ILC if the project is to be realized.

The Candidate Site’s stance going forward:

The Iwate Prefectural Government will continue to closely monitor the discussions being held at the Science Council of Japan and the rest of the national government, and will submit all required data/materials as quickly as possible. We are grateful to the national government for pushing forward with deliberations, and will continue to search for chances to encourage the government to make a positive decision. We will also continue to prepare ourselves and our community to receive the project, as well as strengthen and support various publicity efforts, like the #ILC Supporters, 100-person Committee for the ILC, and the Symposium for Nobel Prize Winners to be held in August.

Along with the rest of Tohoku, we will do whatever it takes to realize the ILC in the Kitakami mountains.

Reference: Iwate Nippo (July 5th) “MEXT Panel of Experts Final Discussion – Emphasizing the ILC’s Scientific Importance