A little over three years ago, the Kitakami mountains of Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture were selected as the Japanese candidate site for the International Linear Collider, and ever since, the local area has been hard at work to prepare itself for the project. We started THE KITAKAMI TIMES to share local ILC initiatives along with the wonderful culture of northern Japan with researchers abroad, and thanks to your support we’ve now marked one year of publication. To celebrate, we’ve put together an anniversary issue in PDF form!

ktimes23The Kitakami Times Issue #23

English: ktimes-23
Japanese 日本語: ktimes-jpn23

In this issue…

Talking about 2016’s LCWS with Prof. Shinya Narita of Iwate University
ILC summer camp at an Ichinoseki hot spring resort
Kesennuma: Unusual treats, sake, biking, and sea frolicking
A wonderful summer full of “natsu-matsuri”

One year of physics, festivals, and fun. Here’s hoping for many more years THE KITAKAMI TIMES!



今月の記事 ※創刊1周年記念号
・ 12/5~9 ILCの国際会議(LCWS)盛岡で開催!!
  ~実行委員長の岩手大学 成田晋也教授にインタビュー~
・ 7/23~26 ILCの研究者らが一関で夏合宿
・ 気仙沼で珍味、酒、自転車と海を満喫
・ 夏祭りコーナー