The LCWS 2016 in Morioka City is little more than a month away, but the people of Iwate are coming together to learn more and more about the ILC project. In this issue, we’ve got an article on the Advanced Accelerator Association Symposium in Tohoku held last month in Oshu City, as well as a report on the special ILC project being undertaken by students at Hanamaki City’s Agricultural High School. There’s also an editorial by a new resident of Oshu about his experience moving to the city recently -something our readers might also be doing should the ILC become a reality!

ktimes24The Kitakami Times Issue #24

English: ktimes-24
Japanese 日本語: ktimes-24jpn

In this issue…

Understanding the ILC in 1 minute – about the 2016 AAA Symposium in Tohoku, held in Oshu City
The ILC Caravan goes to Hanamaki Agricultural High School
An outsider’s perspective of Oshu City


今月の記事 ※10月号
・ 「1から分かるILC」先端加速器科学技術推進シンポジウム2016 in 東北
・リンゴってすごい!『ILC キャラバン』を花巻農業高校で開催