On June 29th, one hundred and twenty-nine well-respected figures from Japan’s economic and cultural fields came together to form the 100-person Committee for the ILC at a kick-off ceremony held in Tokyo. They will strongly support the effort to host the ILC within Japan.

The International Linear Collider will be at the center of a new frontier of knowledge and technology, and will develop our region and train our workers in new and exciting ways. In order to realize that vision, we must communicate the significance of the project to more people throughout Japan, so that they will call on the Japanese national government to make their intentions clear on the ILC.

Representative founder of the group is Mr. Hiroya Masuda, former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (and former Governor of Iwate). He said, “Through the 100-person Committee, I hope to increase national interest in the ILC, and create an environment where the Japanese people come to support the project.”

As part of their activities to bring about the realization of the project, the 100-person Committee for the ILC will also be one of the supporting organizations of the symposium on August 5th that will host Nobel Prize winners Barry Barish and Sheldon Glashow.

Along with film director Mamoru Oshii’s ILC Supporters group aimed at the younger generation, the 100-person Committee for the ILC will aim to raise the project’s profile among business people and important people in the cultural sectors. We hope to support their activities as we work together to bring about the ILC!

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