About Anna Thomas

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ILC Internationalization Coordinator, Oshu City
Anna’s been in Iwate since May 2010. Here are some of the things she enjoys about life here: squeaky snow during snowshoe walks, weird antisocial squirrels with long ears, the singing baked yam truck, local superheroes, affordable national health care, tip-free excellent customer service, and an environment so safe people leave the keys in their cars. Also sake.

May 2017

  • 05.29.17 NEWS “Correctly Understanding the ILC is Important” at ILC Candidate Site (3rd Year Mizusawa HS Students Present on US Study Trip)
  • 05.22.17 NEWS German Researchers Visit Iwate, Advise Prefecture on ILC Preparations
  • 05.19.17 NEWS Waiting for the Go Sign to Build: German ILC Researchers Visit, Opinion Exchange
  • 05.16.17 NEWS Oshu’s Future with the ILC: Guest Talks Start for Oshu Elem. Students
  • March 2017

  • 03.01.17 NEWS Cultivating Scientific Knowledge and International Awareness: Eleven 2nd Year Mizusawa HS Science and Math Course Students Visit USA
  • February 2017

  • 02.27.17 NEWS Cost-Reducing Plan to be Decided in August?
  • 02.17.17 NEWS Exalting Benefits of ILC-Related Industries: Event in Nayoga
  • 02.15.17 NEWS From National Sports Festival to the ILC (Aichi Rikuun Company Auto Parts Truck )
  • 02.13.17 NEWS For a Multicultural Oshu (Oshu City Council Members and International Residents Brainstorm Together)
  • December 2016

  • 12.19.16 NEWS Technology Supporting Research Facilities: Exhibition of 53 Companies from Iwate, Others (LCWS Venue)