From December 5-9, the 2016 LCWS conference was held in Morioka City in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Over 300 scientists and researchers gathered in Morioka, which was only a few hours’ drive away from the Kitakami candidate site for the ILC. During the week of LCWS, there were a number of workshops, presentations, and cultural events held, as well as a symposium for local residents, an exchange between students and researchers, and an industrial session where Japanese companies showcased their technology. There was also a visit to the candidate site for the ILC in the Kitakami mountains. All of this propelled us forward on the next step in realizing the ILC in Japan.

We’ve gathered translations of local newspaper articles as well as photographs of the LCWS week. Please click pictures to get a larger version.

For a look at the workshop itself, please visit the following links:

LCWS 2016 Official Homepage

LC Newsline December 8, 2016 Issue

Pictures & newspaper translations also contributed by Anna Thomas (Oshu City ILC Promotion Division) and Nate Hill (Ichinoseki City ILC Promotion Division)

Opening Plenary

“The stable bedrock of the Kitakami site has sat quietly and untouched for a hundred million years. It is a precious treasure from Mother Earth that has been given to us for the future of mankind. The ILC will be a deeply significant project that will allow us to transcend borders as researchers from around the world come to the area to do their research.

Science was born and continues to develop from from the interaction between man and nature. Iwate, with our ideals of coexistence with nature and our rich culture, is truly a perfect site for your research. Iwate will work with you using everything in our power to realize the ILC.”

-Takuya Tasso, Governor of Iwate – opening plenary remarks

Researchers gather for the opening plenary

Researchers gather for the opening plenary

Hon. Takeo Kawamura’s speech at the opening plenary (courtesy of the LCWS 2016 Homepage)

All Iwate Fair

“At the All-Iwate Fair, which is on the 4th floor of Aiina, there are PR booths including a joint booth for the ILC candidate site of Oshu City, Ichinoseki City and Kesennuma City, along with Hiraizumi Town. Other booths show what groups working to invite the ILC have done up until now, how local areas hit by the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami and/or by Typhoon Lionrock are recovering, and more.”

“Introducing Local Flavor at LCWS 2016 (Heian Costumes with Oshu City)” from Tanko Nichinichi

Welcome Reception

“There were around 270 LCWS participants in attendance and 50 people related to the realization of ILC in the Tohoku. The five students greeted everyone in English, and then confidently spoke about the region that would host the ILC as well as their own dreams.

Momoyo Sugawara (3rd year at Mizusawa MS, Oshu City) said, “The ILC will contribute to the progress of science and technology, and have a good effect on the economy. As people from around the whole world work together, this will also lead to peace.”

…Read the rest at “I want to learn about the origins of the universe” – Five middle school students talk about their dreams (and threw in some English as well!)” from Iwate Nippo

Prefectural Citizen’s Assembly on the ILC

“A symposium organized by the Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council and other bodies was held in Morioka City on Tuesday, December 6, in conjunction with LCWS 2016 〓 an international workshop on future linear colliders which began the day before. Researchers from around the world had come to LCWS for presentations and discussions related to the ILC, and a symposium was held with a lecture by an expert and a panel discussion with local mayors. This was for residents to think about the ILC and to convey local enthusiasm to the rest of Japan and abroad. Some 300 people in business, local government and so on in Iwate Prefecture attended the symposium.”

…Read the rest at “ILC symposium for local residents held during LCWS” from Iwate Nichinichi

LCC Press Conference

New management team for the LCC

New management team for the LCC

Press statement LCWS2016 (On LC Newsline)

Exhibition of local companies

“This exhibit includes domestic and overseas accelerated-related industries and civil engineering and construction companies…According to Office of Science and ILC Promotion Director Ikuo Kumagai, “We do want to appeal to researchers, but we also planned this exhibit so that businesses from Iwate and elsewhere could exchange information, and so this could become an opportunity for technical cooperation and collaboration in preparation for the ILC’s construction. We also want residents of Iwate to come and see the exhibit and be interested in the ILC which will be built with cutting-edge technologies.””

“Technology Supporting Research Facilities: Exhibition of 53 Companies from Iwate, Others (LCWS Venue)” from Tanko Nichinichi

Industrial Session

On December 6th, the industrial session was held as part of the LCWS 2016 program, with accelerator industry enterprises from throughout Japan and the rest of the world that showcased their technology.  Around 200 researchers and representatives of related organizations attended. Along with showcasing company technology this was also an opportunity for exchange with researchers.


Industrial Session Reception

On Tuesday, December 6th, a reception was held following the Industrial Session. Around 250 people attended, from researchers to representatives of related organizations. At the event, members of the Miss Sansa team performed the traditional Sansa Odori dance to great applause. And the local sake was a big hit among foreign researchers!


Making mochi - pounded rice cake

DESY’s Dr. Marc Wenskat, Ms. Barbara Warmbein and Dr. Joachim Mnich pound rice to make “mochi”

Exchange event between local students and researchers

“35 middle and high school students from Morioka City, Hanamaki City, Kitakami City and Ichinoseki City attended the event. Professor Michael Peskins from SLAC in the United States and Professor Phillip Barrows of Oxford University in England, along with three young female researchers (Ms. Anne Schuetz, Ms. Nuria Fuster, and Ms. Talitha Bromwell), gave talks on how interesting physics is and the research they are currently performing.”

Read more at “Iwate Middle/High School Students Meet Linear Collider Researchers at International Conference in Morioka” from Iwate Nippo

Tour of the Kitakami site

“Some 350 researchers and staff from universities and particle physics institutes in 22 countries and regions around the world gathered for LCWS 2016, and about 100 of these took part in the bus tour to the candidate site, which included looking over the landscape in Daito near the proposed route for the ILC.

Participants also made a stop at the Ohara Civic Center, where granite boring samples, geological data, and 3D glasses for use with a large map of the Kitakami Mountains were on display, as were panels of local efforts being made to prepare for the ILC.”

Read more at “Visit by LCWS participants to the ILC candidate site” from Iwate Nichinichi

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Iwate Middle/High School Students Meet Linear Collider Researchers at International Conference in Morioka (Iwate Nippo)

“I want to learn about the origins of the universe” – Five middle school students talk about their dreams (and threw in some English as well!) (Iwate Nippo)

…And check out the English articles put out by Iwate Nippo during the week of LCWS! (thanks to Ichinoseki and the ILC on Facebook)


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